Dec 19, 2017

Precast Concrete Construction at The Rise

Driving down Centre Street in Bridgwater, you’ll catch a flurry of construction activity happening at The Rise Condominiums’ site – but the better part of the building is taking place offsite.

As a precast concrete construction build, the concrete is being cast and cured in a controlled environment – so that by the time it arrives at 300 Centre St. and is hoisted into place, it’s far more efficient than it’d be to cast and wait for curing before stripping and loading each new section.

Working with Armtec as its concrete supplier, one of Canada’s leading infrastructure companies with 32 locations in Canada, StreetSide has had the building segmented into individual components (walls, columns, beams, hollow core, elevator shaft boxes, and stairwell boxes), all being cast at Armtec’s plant, then transported to site by flat deck semi-trailers – and then, finally, lifted into place.

As a seven-storey build, that’s quite the lift. StreetSide is currently operating the largest capacity crawler crane currently operating in the province – known as a Terex CC 2500-1. As The Rise continues to progress to its full height, this will become increasingly vital to its operations.

StreetSide’s past successes include completed precast concrete buildings – like the seven-storey Place Joseph Royal on Provencher Blvd. Though a landmark in the area, with 58 condominium residences and two main floor commercial units, The Rise exceeds this magnitude with its first phase of 109 units.

What does it mean to buyers?

Noise barriers in concrete construction exceed requirements, and remove the reverberation that occurs in other types of flooring. So, better noise control is offered between suites and levels; the natural fire ratings are higher than requirements; and concrete structures offer more durability, better energy efficiency and less maintenance by design.

On top of this, it speeds things up for construction. The Rise is already expecting to welcome new homeowners by December 2018, with a display suite to view by late spring or early summer.

Plus, along with the energy efficiency of its structure, The Rise has superior mechanical and electrical systems, allowing it to exceed PowerSmart certification requirements and use a minimum of 33 per cent less energy than conventionally built designs. This means, a buyer will not only have security in their purchase, comfort in their home, and peace of mind with its environmental impact, but will enjoy cost savings each month due to conserved energy.

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